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Don't Touch The Purple! (Chapter 6)
(Stop Talking!)
Living room, Night
Flint wakes up to a sound of jiggling keys. He sits up straight and rubs his eyes. He notices that the power is back on so horray!
He also notices the front door opening at check it out. It turns out his mother and sister are back with hands full of paper bags.
Guess they were done shopping.
Flint's mother : Sweetie, would you kindly take these bags from me?
Flint nods in agreement and walks over to his mother's way. On his way, he is stop by his sister, Larra.
This scene seems awfully familiar...
Larra : Mind taking these too~?
Larra said that while showing her brother the bags in her hands.
Flint : No! I can't carry both mom's and your bags. It's impossible.
Larra : Oh come on~! Please...
Larra does her puppy eye face at Flint but he isn't effected by it and just took mom's bags and when into the kitchen. Ignoring his annoying sister.
Larra follows after her brother and puts the bags on the floor. She then gets on a stool, facing and begins to talk
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Don't Touch The Purple! (Chapter 5)
(Keepin' It Cool~)
Living room, Night…
Flint's mom : Okay whatever. Just hang in there, okay? We're pretty far away and it may take a while to get back so just try to keep calm.
Flint : M'kay...
Flint's mom : Okay. Goodbye.
Larra : Dasvidaniya!
Flint's mom : Now, when did you learn Russian~?
Larra : From Flint!
Flint : What? I didn't teach you any Russian...
Larra : That's because you didn't. I found a couple of files on your laptop about the Russian language.
Flint : Wha- You were snooping around my laptop again?! I told you to stop doing that! It's my private domain!
Larra : Domain, shomain. Don't care.
Flint then just hang up on his sister without a second thought. He is just a bit mad at his sister for snooping at his laptop. Again.
Flint : Okay, I'll just imagine that didn't happen and just focus on one thing. Calm.
He then proceeds to turn on the flashlight app in his phone and sets it on the desk. Flint then sits on the couch with Vixen all cuddled up on his side. He reall
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Don't Touch The Purple! (Chapter 4)
(Don't Panic!)
Flint : Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…
Flint starts to hyperventilate but he tries to keep himself calm by slapping himself.
Flint : Okay, calm down. You're a 16 year old teenage boy that won countless awards in archery so why  are you so afraid of the dark. This is so pathetic…
As Flint is thinking of what to do, Vixen the fox tugs at his pant. Catching his attention. Calming him.
Flint notices this and pets Vixen. Then an idea pops to his head.
His phone.
He's phone has a flashlight app so he can light his way but don't get him wrong, his family owns an actual flashlight.
It's just that the battery ran out and the spare batteries could be who knows where. It will be more hard to find it in the dark.
So his phone shall do. For a while…
He then tries to navigate himself through the living room  to his abandon phone on the couch. He can't see very well in the dark so he keeps bumping into furniture but he ignores the pain.
He finally r
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Don't Touch The Purple! (Chapter 3)
(Darkness My Old Friend…)
Living room, Night…
Time passed and it is already night time. Everyone in the house has forgotten about the garbage incident except for Flint. It's still fresh in his memory but he's trying to forget about it as well.
He's watching a rerun episode of Adventure time while drinking a bottle of soda. His mom was out tonight to run some errands. She's usually back late if she goes out at night. So it's gonna be a while.
Strangely, he hasn't seen his sister all night. She's usually always around him, always toying with him but tonight she's not. Maybe she's out with mom tonight. Probably.
He's eyes are glued to the screen of the television. Focusing on every movement and every word coming out of the cartoon characters.
It's not like he has anything better to do so guess wasting his night with mindless cartoons would do the trick. He sighs and grabs his IPhone, unlock it and proceeds to open an app with a blue bird as an icon.
He waits a few seconds befo
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Don't Touch The Purple! (Chapter 2)
(Stop Annoying Me!)
Kitchen, Afternoon…
Flint walks into the kitchen and looks around him.
A pot on the stove. Their pet fox, Vixen on the countertop napping soundly. Tons of dishes in the sink. Maybe he'll wash the dishes after taking out the trash.
He went towards the garbage bin in the corner and open the lid to see how full it is.
The garbage bin is filled with garbage and it really stinks.
Flint : Well time to take you out, trash.
He took out the plastic bag along with all the garbage out and tied the tip together to seal it.
He proceeds to turn around and is suprised by his sister standing right in front of him.
Flint : Wha- I thought I told you to stay in the living room!
Larra : Got bored…
Flint : It's only been a few seconds…
Larra : I get bored fast. You know that.
Flint just ignore her and wanted to finish his chore. Larra notices this then pulls at her brother's shirt for him to stop.
Flint : What?
Larra : Play with me.
Flint sigh in annoyance and turn at
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Don't Touch The Purple! (Chapter 1)
(Ordinary Day…)
In Flint's room, Afternoon…
Flint's listening to Everytime We Touch by Cascada on his IPod while doing his homework. It is quite peaceful. Just him, homework and very, VERY loud music playing. Probably wasn't peaceful in the first place.
A few moments later, a knock to his door could be heard, follow by a female voice. He removes his earphones to hear clearly.
Flint's Mom : Flint, deary! Could you please take out the trash.
Flint : 'Kay Mom!
Flint stands up and walks over to the door. He reaches for the doorknob, turn it and open the door. He is then meet with a young, innocent, sweet little girl. His little sister, Lorreine but she prefers people call her Larra instead.
She may look sweet and innocent but there's a nasty side behind that mask.
Larra : Hey Flinty~!
Flint : Hey…
Flint : What do you want?
Larra : Oh nothing~ Just wanted to see my favorite brother in the world~!
Flint : Yesterday, you said that I am your worst enemy…
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